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A+D Visitors Series Lecture | Allison Parrish “Words and Vectors”

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School of Art + Design Visitors Committee with support from the Sustainable Life Cycle Design Fund
Feb 17, 2022   5:30 pm  
Allison Parrish
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Join us for this virtual lecture by Allison Parrish presented as part of the School of Art + Design Visitors Series.

A vector is a quantity with both magnitude and direction. Vectors are used in computational systems both to represent language’s visual form—say, the shape of a letter—and also language’s underlying structure, in the form of word vectors and machine learning model hidden states.

In both cases, vectors are subject to manipulation: they can be added, subtracted, scaled, averaged, clustered, jostled and smeared. In this talk, poet and computer programmer Allison Parrish discusses her recent experiments in computational manipulations of language in vector form, and argues that such representations make possible previously unknown varieties of linguistic expression and poetic experience.


Registration is required for this artist talk, presented in English and delivered via Zoom. | Register Online

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