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Socrates, Socratics and Sophists

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Department of the Classics
Apr 8, 2022   All Day
Originating Calendar
Department of the Classics

Friday, April 8
Lucy Ellis Lounge, Foreign Languages Building (707 S. Mathews Avenue)

8:30 AM: Sean Driscoll (University of Richmond), “Hippias and Socratic Heterodoxy”

10:00 AM: Mateo Duque, (Binghamton University), “A Tale of Two Protagorases: ‘Protagoras’ in the
Theaetetus vs. Protagoras in the Protagoras”

11:30 AM: Sean Foley (Catholic University of America), “Sophistic Speech and False Statements in
Plato’s Sophist ”

[Lunch break 1:00-2:30 PM]

2:30 PM: Ross Preuss Greene (University of Texas at Austin), “Sources of Shame: Shame and the
Refutation of Polus in Plato’s Gorgias”

4:00 PM: Keren Shatalov (University of Illinois), “In Praise of Gorgias”

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