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Linguistics Seminar: Andrew Murphy

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Department of Linguistics
wifi event
Nov 8, 2021   4:00 pm  
Dr. Andrew Murphy, Instructor in Syntax, University of Chicago
Helen Gent
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Talk’s title: Discontinuous noun phrases in Iquito (joint work with Brianna Wilson, UChicago)


In this talk, we present data from split NP constructions in the Peruvian language Iquito. Noun phrases containing determiners exhibit a range of discontinuity effects when embedded under nouns and prepositions. Complex cases involving recursive possessors give rise to apparent non-constituent movement. We show that the complex array of patterns we find can be accounted for in a distributed deletion approach to split constructions (Fanselow & ─ćavar 2002), where Copy Deletion applies cyclically in the derivation. We also discuss determiner splits at the clause-level and show that movement to the so-called 'irrealis position' (Beier et al. 2011) shows even more radical discontinuity, as predicted by our analysis.

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