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First Year Project Presentation - Allison Louie, Shelby Martell, Meghan Connolly, Eunyoung Kim, and Jinyan Zhou

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Neuroscience Program
Beckman Institute 1005
Feb 28, 2023   4:00 pm  
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Neuroscience Program Seminars

Allison Louie - "Influenza A virus infection disrupts oligodendrocyte homeostasis in the adult mouse brain," - Dr. Andrew Steelman, Steelman Lab

Shelby Martell - "Effects of a 4-month lutein supplementation trial on carotenoid status in persons with Multiple Sclerosis," - Dr. Naiman Khan, Neuroogitive Health Behavior (NHB) Lab

Meghan Connolly - "Long-term reduced activation of striatal microglia after acute stress is associated with persistently reduced motivation for running in adult male rats," - Dr. Justin Rhodes, The Rhodes Laboratory

Eunyoung Kim - "The Role of Astrocytes in the Prefrontal Circuit and Anxiety-like Behavior," - Dr. Xinzhu Yu, Yu Lab

Jinyan Zhou - "Anxiety-like behaviors in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis," - Dr. Makoto Inoue, Neuroimmunology Lab

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