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First Year Project Presentation - Jake Maxon, Laura Rosok, Rafael Gonzalez-Ricon, Martin Irani and Usan Dan

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Neuroscience Program
Beckman Institute 1005
Feb 14, 2023   3:45 pm  
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Neuroscience Program Seminars

Jake Maxon - "In Utero Phthalate Exposure: Endocrine Disruption and Sociosexual Behavior Among CD-1 Mice," Dr. Megan Mahoney, Mahoney Lab

Laura Rosok - "Skin and macular carotenoids and relations to intellectual abilities and achievement 
 among school-aged children," Dr. Naiman Khan, Neurocognitive Health Behavior Lab

Rafael Gonzalez-Ricon - “Placental and fetal blood-brain barrier breakdown during gestational influenza virus infection allows maternally derived molecules to reach the fetal brain,” Dr. Adrienne Antonson, Antonson Developmental Neuroimmuonology Laboratory

Martin Irani - "Long-range temporal structure and scale-freeness of high-level perception," Dr. Sepideh Sadaghiani, CONNECT Lab

Usan Dan - "Using viral tools to explore social behaviour across two ecotypes of threespined stickleback," - Dr. Alison Bell, Bell Lab

Jonathan Cerna - "Yoga Impacts Cognitive Health: Neurophysiological Changes and Stress-regulation Mechanisms, " Dr. Manuel Hernandez, Mobility and Fall Prevention Research Laboratory (MFPRL) 

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