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Photograph of protesters: women and children wearing colorful clothing and holding signs.

Tracking Violations: Treaties, Civil Rights, and the First Amendment

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Spurlock Museum of World Cultures, Illinois Arts Council Agency
The Spurlock Museum of World Cultures
Apr 13, 2024   12:00 - 2:00 pm  
Jadyn Laixely
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Spurlock Museum - Event

Those who originally colonized the Americas and created the United States did so by taking land that did not belong to them. Treaties, or agreements, were signed, with promises to protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples...but did you know that these promises are broken all the time? Just like many lawsuits you may hear about in the news—such as when citizens’ First Amendment rights are violated—treaty violations also frequently end up in court. 

Join specialists from across the University as we use artificial intelligence to help us track violations to treaties, the First Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act. Together, create a plan of action to combat these violations based on your findings. 

Recommended age: 12+; adults welcome, Social Studies teachers/students encouraged! 

Image credit: Dulcey Lima at Unsplash.

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