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CS Distinguished Lecturer, Jonathan Turner of Washington University in St. Louis, Bobby and Jerry Cox Professor

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Department of Computer Science, UIUC
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Mar 5, 2008   4:00 pm  
CS Distinguished Lecturer, Jonathan Turner of Washington University in St. Louis; host is Klara Nahrstedt

Title: Internet-Scale Overlay Hosting


In recent years, overlay networks have emerged as a way to expand the capabilities of the Internet and enable more sophisticated networked applications. Overlay techniques are commonly used in content delivery networks, as well as for teleconferencing, voice-over-IP services and multiplayer online games. In the research domain, Planetlab has demonstrated how a shared Overlay Hosting Service (OHS) can be an engine for the experimental development and deployment of new distributed applications and network services, and NSF's GENI initiative (Global Environment for Network Innovation) seeks to develop a national research testbed based on overlay hosting. While the OHS approachis promising, existing platforms are incapable of handling internet-scale traffic volumes and are subject to high and widely variable latencies, making them unsuitable for high quality service offerings. This talk presents an architecture for high performance overlay hosting and presents results on an initial prototype targeting the Planet Lab research test bed.


Jonathan S. Turner received the MS and PhD degrees in computer science from Northwestern University in 1979 and 1981. He holds the Barbara and Jerome Cox Chair of Computer Science at Washington University, is Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Director of the Applied Research Lab. The Applied Research Laboratory creates experimental networking technology to validate and demonstrate new research innovations. The Lab's current projects center on extensible networking technology with a particular focus on high performance platforms for overlay hosting services.

Professor Turner served as Chief Scientist for Growth Networks, a startup company that developed scalable switching components for Internet routers and ATM switches, before being acquired by Cisco Systems in early 2000.

Turner is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of ACM and a fellow of the IEEE. He received the Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award from the IEEE in 1994 and the IEEE Millenium Medal in 2000. He has been awarded 30 patents for his work on switching systems and has many widely cited publications.

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