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monotype print

A World Through Windows

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Spurlock Museum of World Cultures
600 South Gregory Street, Urbana, Illinois
Katya Reno
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Spurlock Museum - Exhibit Information

In his new work, A World Through Windows, Syrian-Armenian artist Kevork Mourad explores how the "pandemic has reduced our sense of space and our spheres of influence," even while it has "increased our connectivity around the world" (Mourad). Using a technique that uses monotype on fabric, ink drawing, and sculpture, Mourad has created an original and exciting experience for the viewer. Mourad is an internationally-recognized artist, who often employs live-drawing and animation with live music. He has worked with Yo-Yo Ma, Kim Kashkashian, and others. He has performed live drawing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center Atrium, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, among others. Watch videos about his artistic process on our YouTube channel.

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