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iBSW and Community College Students: A New Approach to the Diversification of Social Work

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Professional Development
School of Social Work
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Oct 29, 2021   2:00 - 3:30 pm  
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Amy Frederick
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Ever wonder why we continue to see modest improvements after decades of initiatives aimed at diversifying the social work profession? This presentation introduces a systems-thinking approach to understand how existing structures generate the same outcomes time again and how we can use it to identify ways to intervene that will move the system in a desired direction. Using our iBSW completer program as an exemplar, you will see how systems-thinking can enable the diversification of the profession.

In this panel presentation, participants will:

  1. Learn about systems-thinking and its key components.
  2. Understand from this perspective, how the existing pathways within social education creates pipeline blockages for nontraditional students whose needs require a different set of institutional arrangements.
  3. Explore the development of the iBSW community college completer program as a case study into the kind of adjustments needed to increase equitable access to social work education as a pathway for inclusion into the profession.


Lisette Piedra, Associate Professor @ Illinois Social Work

Carol Wilson-Smith, BSW Program Director and Clinical Associate Professor @ Illinois Social Work

Brenda Lindsey, Teaching Full Professor @ Illinois Social Work

Christine Escobar-Sawicki, Clinical Associate Professor @ Illinois Social Work

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