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VASP Brown Bag - Xinxian Wang "Does air pollution affect the settlement intention of the floating population in China?"

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Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Oct 29, 2020   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Xinxian Wang
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A few years ago, the haze that swept most of China attracted wide attention of the whole society. Based on the statistics of the National county-level units matching with Floating Population in 2017, this paper analyzes the relationship between air pollution and the settlement intention of floating population. The results show that: (1) The impact of air pollution on the residence intention of the floating population is affected by the adaptability of the floating population to air pollution. The floating population originally living in the areas with serious air pollution has lower sensitivity to air quality, while the floating population originally living in the areas with better air quality has higher sensitivity to air quality. (2) The influence of air pollution on the residence intention of floating population is also affected by age, gender, education level, fertility status, household registration type and other factors. On the one hand, the research conclusions of this article have enriched the research results related to environmental pollution and floating population's residence intention, and on the other hand, they have provided an empirical basis for the policy formulation of urban environmental governance in China.

Xinxian Wang is a doctoral candidate in the School of Public Administration, East China Normal University. His primary areas of interests are migration, urban society, and poverty and inequality in China.

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