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Art + Design Visitors Series: Ricardo Basbaum, "From Would you like to participate in an artistic experience? to the collective-conversations: some comments on collaborative projects"

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School of Art + Design
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Mar 11, 2021   4:00 pm  
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Abstract: Ricardo Basbaum has been developing collaborative projects since the mid 1990s, intending to involve participants around the proposition of experiences, performative projects and collaborative authorship. Usually departing from group dynamics processes, such projects articulate references that range from Brazilian Neoconcretism and Conceptual Art to performance and contemporary music. “What is a collective body?” and “contact, contamination, memory and repetition” are some of the topics that will be discussed, along with a survey presentation of aspects of my art practice and projects.

This talk is the inaugural event of Ricardo Basbaum's hybrid art residence at UIUC as part of the project "On-Contamination: An Extended Space for Sustaining Encounters through Art.


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