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Astronomy Journal Club: Katherine Lee - 'Early Stages of Massive Star Formation: Fragmentation and Kinematics of Starless Cores in Orion'

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Department of Astronomy
134 Astronomy Building
Nov 16, 2012   12:00 pm  
Katherine Lee
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Astronomy Journal Club

We study the structure and kinematics of nine starless cores (0.1 pc) in Orion with the IRAM 30-m telescope and CARMA. With the high angular resolution CARMA provides, fragmentation is observed in a majority of the cores. By morphologically comparing the structures between the data from IRAM, CARMA and Herschel 500 micron images, it is shown that the starless cores and their fragments are formed along the ambient filamentary structures, implying the importance of filamentary structures in the star formation process. In addition, we discovered large velocity gradients across the cores which are best interpreted as convergent flows. All together, our study suggests that turbulent fragmentation occurs at the stagnation of the small-scale convergent flows. These cores may be seeds for future massive star formation through competitive accretion. However, as the number of fragments is less than the prediction from theories, magnetic fields and radiative feedback, which have the ability to suppress fragmentation, may play a role in the core-forming process.

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