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Spring 21 Foreign Language teaching Share Fair

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School of Literatures, Cultures & Linguistics
wifi event
Mar 3, 2021   4:00 - 5:00 pm  
Brenden Carollo
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1) Caio Albernaz Siqueira, PhD student, Spanish & Portuguese

Title: Teaching Languages through Zoom: Let’s not Forget the Basics  

This talk aims to share strategies and techniques to teach languages through zoom without forgetting the basics: language presentation, monitoring, time management, note taking, etc.  

2) Honaida Yousuf Ahyad, Lecturer, Translation and Interpretive Studies  

Title: The Power of Annotation  

In learning Arabic as a foreign language, students learn how to use a completely different writing system. The annotation feature of Zoom is an excellent tool where a teacher can check students’ writing and provide them with instant feedback. In my presentation, I provide samples of writing activities where annotation is used.  

3) Sara Saez-Fajardo: Graduate student, Spanish & Portuguese  

Title: Zooming out: Finding alternatives for students’ interaction in the age of virtual learning  

The new “ZOOM fatigue” phenomenon is making learning and socializing more and more taxing. In this presentation, I will talk about alternatives to ZOOM, not only for classroom interaction, but also for students’ communication out of class. Particularly, I will introduce my use of Gather Town, an inventive platform where students can navigate a private virtual map and have conversations with different groups of classmates.  

4) Brenden Carollo: Language Director, Spanish & Portuguese  

Title: Letter Soup and The Power of Puzzles  

In this presentation, I will explain a unique way to incorporate functional language and information gap into a traditional word search activity that never fails to engage students.  



5) Laura Hill, Language Director, French and Italian


Title:  YouTube and the Teaching of Grammar 


During the pandemic, the production and posting of grammar videos on YouTube has increased dramatically.  I will show how the most recent edition of the e-Text for one of my Intermediate courses has benefited from these new resources. 


6) Raquel Goebel: Language Director, Spanish & Portuguese


Title: Creating engaging video activities 


If you are interested in making your listening activities more engaging, be ready to use PlayPosit! In this presentation I will show how simple and quick it is to set up a bulb and make videos and recorded presentations more engaging.

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