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Free Concert “Music from Northern Argentina” by Alberto Rojo

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Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), Department of Physics
Room 1030 Music Building Auditorium. 1114 West Nevada Street , Urbana, IL 61801 (Parking is free under Krannert Center after 5pm, and meters are after 6pm)
Feb 22, 2018   7:00 pm  
Dr. Alberto Rojo, Professor of Physics, Oakland University. Musician and composer.
Free. Open to the public

Alberto Rojo concert “Music from Northern Argentina”

In this solo concert Alberto Rojo will alternate solo guitar pieces with songs from the folk tradition of Northern Argentina.  While including some standards of the Argentine folklore, the concert will focus on his own compositions, some of them included in duo recordings with Mercedes Sosa, and composed in collaboration with Pedro Aznar, Luis Gurevich, Victor Heredia and Luis Pescetti.


Alberto Rojo was born in Tucumán, Argentina. He started playing the piano at the age of six and picked up the guitar as a teenager. He studied at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música in Tucumán and earned a Ph.D. in Physics in Argentina before moving to the United States. He was a researcher at the University of Chicago and Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. During that period he also wrote pieces that were later performed and recorded by the legendary Mercedes Sosa, Víctor Villadangos, and many prominent Latin American performers. In his life and carrier he alternates science with art.

In addition, Alberto is on the faculty of the Physics Department at Oakland University, has written three books essays and popular science, and lectures around the world on the connection between art and science. 


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