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Inorganic Faculty Candidate Dr. Gyeongjin Park, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Synthesis and Applications of Lewis Acidic Main Group Cations and Oligophosphate Anions"

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Prof. Andrew Gewirth
1024 Chem Annex
Jan 29, 2024   10:00 - 11:00 am  
Randy Prince
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Chemistry - Inorganic/Materials Chemistry Seminars

Main group chemistry is defined as the chemistry dealing with the main group elements belonging to the s- and p-block elements in the periodic table, known for their abundance and diverse applications of enormous industrial, economic, and environmental importance. This presentation specifically explores the chemistry of main group cations and anions. Firstly, I'll discuss the development of new platforms using cationic main group derivatives for anion transport across phospholipid bilayers. Bearing in mind that the anion transport field has been typically dominated by the use of organic receptors with hydrogen bond donors, I have recently started to investigate cationic main group Lewis acids for anion transport. Secondly, I'll present my research on ambiphilic ligands with a carbene donor and a carbocation, elucidating their construction and their role as scaffolds supporting unique interactions. Lastly, I'll delve into the synthesis and biochemistry application of oligophosphates, particularly a novel reagent for pentaphosphorylation. The presentation will cover the synthesis of nucleoside hexaphosphate and heptaphosphate and their inhibitory effects on RNase A, combining experimental assays, co-crystal structures, and quantum chemical methods. The collaborative efforts in both experimental and computational investigations have the potential to pioneer new avenues in designing inhibitors for RNase A and related enzymes.

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