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Biological Physics (iPoLS) Seminar: Fang Huang (Purdue University) "Ultra‐high resolution structural and molecular imaging of cells and tissues"

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Physics Department
3269 Beckman Institute (3rd floor tower room).
Apr 7, 2023   2:00 pm  
Fang Huang
Sharlene Denos
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Physics - Biological Physics / iPoLS / STC-QCB Seminar

Since Robert Hooke’s first description of a cell in Micrographia 350 years ago, microscopy has played an important role in understanding the rules of life. Far-field fluorescence microscopy is a powerful approach in biological and biomedical research due to its live cell compatibility and molecular specificity. A major hurdle over the last century has been the limited resolution due to the diffraction of light. Super-resolution microscopy methods, such as single-molecule localization microscopy, overcome this fundamental barrier to improve the resolution limit (250-600 nm, lateral-axial) down to a few nanometers. The development and application of SMLM majorly focus on fixed cells in thin samples and cellular structures that lie on/close to the coverslip surface and therefore, the profound impact of SMLM on biophysical, medical, and biological research has yet to fully unfold. 

I will discuss some of our most recent projects which explore newly available sensors/devices such as high-speed sensors and deformable mirrors, analytical methods such as deep learning, and novel optical instrumentation to allow SMLM imaging in live cells and tissue specimens. I will show the capabilities of these new imaging systems in revealing the fine details of subcellular structures from a diverse set of biological systems including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, mammalian cells, and brain sections.

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