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Illinois’ Coastal Management Program - working to sustain our many resources

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Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
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Oct 28, 2021   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Diane Tecic - Coastal Program Director at Illinois Department of Natural Resources
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Elizabeth Meschewski
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Abstract: The Illinois Coastal Management Program (CMP) was established in 2012 as part of the National Coastal Zone Management Program, administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Since its inception, the ethos of CMP has been to identify and work towards objectives that protect the natural environments and serve the economic, social and recreational needs of our communities, with a focus on equity and inclusivity. CMP has initiated partnerships and projects that exemplify this important balancing act. Of particular interest, Ms. Tecic will highlight strategic partnerships and projects that are helping address the damage affecting habitats, economies and communities due to high lake levels, shoreline erosion and storm damage. An important component of addressing coastal needs is also building the knowledge base and increasing community capacity to address coastal-related issues. This seminar will provide a foundational understanding of Illinois’ Coastal Management Program, how we work, and examples of our activities.


Biography: Diane Tecic has worked for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) since 1995. She rose through the ranks at IDNR from graduate intern to senior management. In 2011 she joined the newly established Coastal Management Program, which is dedicated to enhancing the environmental, economic, and social value of Illinois’ Great Lakes coast. As the Director of the Program, Diane led the establishment of the new program including staff recruitment, training, coordination with federal agencies, and overall program administration.  Despite establishing program priorities, Diane guides the program by recognizing ever-emerging needs and identifying realistic yet optimistic projects. Her current charge is to continue program development and implementation; leads interagency coordination; focus federal, state and local resources to enhance coastal stewardship; promote balanced uses; and support community resilience in the Lake Michigan Coastal Region. Diane grew up in Chicago and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Zoology from Southern Illinois University.  Diane’s zoology education belies her broad interests, life-long learning, and desire to make the world a better place.

The Illinois Coastal Management Program (CMP) is a federal-state partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to implement the Coastal Zone Management Act in Illinois through annual funding and technical support from NOAA. This program was officially approved for Illinois in 2012. The Program also receives funding and works closely with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to implement the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Great Lake Water Quality Agreement in Illinois. CMP receives annual capacity funding to support key priorities of the agreement and other Great Lakes initiatives. The current program portfolio includes coastal resilience; shoreline management; water quality and green infrastructure; recreational access and amenities; habitat protection and improvement; and coastal education.


This webinar is a certified green event by the University of Illinois' University of Illinois' Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment.

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