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Privacy Engineering Development Process

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School of Information Sciences; European Union Center
wifi event
May 3, 2021   12:00 pm  
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This event is part of "Data Protection and Privacy," a three-lecture series. Data protection and privacy is a growing concern in a world nervous about  the growth of “surveillance capitalism” and other potential abuses of access to personal data. This lecture series, which is co-sponsored by the iSchool and the European Union Center at the University of Illinois, brings together campus and outside experts on informatics, cultural ideas about privacy, legal compliance and best practices, as well as global governance. Please register here:


About the speaker: Lisa Bobbitt is the lead Privacy Engineering Architect in Cisco’s Privacy Office and she holds CISSP, CIPM, CIPP-E, and CDPSE designations. Lisa is passionate about embedding privacy awareness, governance, and technology across Cisco by building on the foundation of years of working in mainframe connectivity, mobile routing protocols, innovative concepts in 3D, voice/video/data in event management, government adaptation of commercial offers, embedded trust anchors, and now privacy. She believes everyone, as a digital citizen, should be a privacy advocate by first understanding the value of authorized use of our personally identifiable information and then applying controls to de-risk the potential harm to themselves and others.

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