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LRN Cares with LLS "Place-making Art Workshop - with Catalina"

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Department of Latina/Latino Studies & La Casa Cultural Latina
Oct 20, 2020   5:30 - 6:30 pm  
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The "Place-making Art Workshop - with Catalina" is open to all.


LRN Cares with LLS builds community and support for Latina/o/x students, staff and the larger Champaign-Urbana community.


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Places emerge as the paths through which we live our lives fill spaces with meanings and stories. To “make-place” is, therefore, to pour our lives in a space, leaving traces that transform it, and getting marked and transformed in return. In this workshop we will use prompts inspired by movement and art, to explore creatively places that we currently inhabit, have inhabited in the past, or that we want to build for our future. Using these simple prompts (also called scores), participants will have the opportunity to re-claim, re-signify, re-inhabit, or remember, places important to them. To participate you will only need pen and paper, a camera/phone, your body, a place from where you will join, and your own stories. These will be the materials with which we will enact place-making, together. In doing so, we will challenge the current environment fragmentation and isolation, and the aggression against black and brown bodies.


Catalina Hernández-Cabal is a Colombian-American artist, educator, and practitioner of contemporary dance and improvisation. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Art Education, School of Art+Design, and LLS graduate student. Catalina studies the intersection of movement, critical and feminist pedagogies, and contemporary art practices, as a way to challenge oppressive ideas about difference and to provoke generative social encounters.

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