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How Can Materials and Coral Restoration Scientists Converge to Save Coral Reefs?

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Center for Advanced Study
Mar 8, 2019   12:00 pm  
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Center for Advanced Study

Amy Wagoner Johnson

Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Associate 2017-18


With an estimated annual global value of $1T, coral reefs are critical to food security, shoreline protection, biodiversity, tourism, and jobs. Yet corals have suffered widespread global mortality in the last 50 years due to threats that include thermal stress, overfishing, algal overgrowth, pollution, disease, dredging, and changing water chemistry. This presentation will describe the early stages of work by the team of materials and mechanical engineers, bio-geologists, microbiologists, and coral reef scientists and how their efforts in convergence research will advance techniques used in coral reproduction and restoration.


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