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Saturday Engineering for Everyone: Going where no plasma has gone before

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ECE Illinois
ECEB 1002 (Grainger Auditorium)
Apr 6, 2019   10:00 - 11:15 am  
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ECE ILLINOIS Saturday Engineering for Everyone

Plasma, the 4th state of matter, is ubiquitous on earth, the solar system, and in the universe (lightning, Aurora Borealis, sun, stars, interstellar space.) but is also essential to modern life. We have found that confining plasma to microscopic cavities or channels changes its properties in unexpected and marvelous ways. Such "microcavity plasmas" can be produced in arrays comprising millions of plasmas by processes similar to those developed for micro- and nano-electronics. This presentation will explore the wonder of microplasmas and the products they have already made possible. Water disinfection systems will be demonstrated that are now providing clean drinking water in 35 countries worldwide. Flat ultraviolet lamps that are treating psoriasis or identifying gemstones will also be shown. We conclude with demonstrating how microplasma lamps are capable of making electronic and optical components by photolithography, the process of "writing with light". 

Presented by ECE ILLINOIS and Intel Alumni endowed Chair Emeritus Professor J. Gary Eden

Come at 9:30 to enjoy complimentary bagels and coffee before the presentation

Saturday Engineering for Everyone events are FREE and open to the public. No engineering experience is necessary.

To request disability-related accommodations for this event, contact Todd Sweet at 217-333-5943.

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