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INHS Seminar | Spiders in Indiana: Recent discoveries

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Illinois Natural History Survey Seminar Committee
1005 Forbes Natural History Building, 1816 S Oak Street, Champaign
Dec 12, 2017   4:00 pm  
Marc A. Milne, Department of Biology, University of Indianapolis
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Historically, the spider fauna within Indiana habitats has been understudied. While researchers in surrounding states have done excellent work in exploring the species richness within their state boundaries while Indiana has remained relatively overlooked. However, recent work in araneology in the state has uncovered a variety of surprising discoveries. These findings include over 100 new distribution records and several undescribed species. In this presentation, I will discuss the work of the spider lab at the University of Indianapolis and highlight some of the exciting discoveries in araneology we have uncovered from a variety of Indiana habitats.

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