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Understanding the Energy Challenge: It Takes More Than Science

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Community Service
Department of Physics
141 Loomis Laboratory of Physics 1110 W. Green St. Urbana IL
Dec 1, 2012   10:15 am  
Professor Paul Debevec
Toni Pitts
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Physics - Saturday Physics for Everyone

Fossil fuels cannot be forever. Technological advances in fossil fuel extraction may extend the horizon, but these resources are finite. Renewable energy must be in our future. The connection between fossil fuel use, environmental damage and climate change should drive a more rapid transition, but the route is blocked by many challenges. The world runs on fossil fuels. How can we have cars and trucks without gasoline? How can we generate electricity without coal or natural gas? How can we have enough energy for a growing and developing world population? There is the sun and the wind, but what to do when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow? We need to think big and act big. The world has no option but to solve these energy challenges. Spend an hour with me searching for solutions.

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