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Special Condensed Matter Seminar: "New 2d quantum materials and hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics"

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Department of Physics
190 ESB
Feb 7, 2020   1:00 pm  
Valla Fatemi, Yale University
Marjorie Gamel
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Physics - Condensed Matter Seminar

Quantum materials and superconducting quantum circuits have each made significant impact in fundamental and applied physics research, yet they have largely developed as independent research fields. Both are now mature enough to intersect in the spirit of “hybrid quantum systems,” with opportunities to uncover novel physics and develop new quantum devices. Here I will present two research efforts relevant to this area. First, I will describe our discoveries in 2d quantum materials, introducing the physics of monolayer WTe2 and magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene. In monolayer WTe2 we discovered gate-accessible superconductor and time-reversal-invariant topological insulator phases, and in magic-angle graphene we achieved band structure engineering that resulted in new superconductor and correlated insulator phases. Second, I will highlight our development of the first Andreev spin qubit, made possible in a superconductor-semiconductor hybrid quantum circuit. This system demonstrates a new type of spin qubit with straightforward integration into the circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture. The WTe­2 and hybrid superconductor-semiconductor projects share the promise of opening fresh avenues to investigating Majorana zero modes and observing non-abelian statistics for the first time. More broadly, we may envision tailor-made hybrid superconducting circuits to develop novel quantum devices and uncover the physics of unusual 2d materials.

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