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Data Loaders

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Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation
William Eustis, Undergraduate Student, NCSA
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Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Join the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation at NCSA on Wednesday, October 5, from 3-5pm via Zoom for an online training session to help users get started with deep learning projects on HAL. These sessions are designed for novice users to learn about the system and start building deep neural network models. To sign up for training, just request a HAL account prior to the training session and mention "spring training" when describing how the system will be used in your project. 

Training Link: 

October 5: Data Loaders - William Eustis

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use data loaders provided with PyTorch and TensorFlow and how to develop application-specific data loaders. Other topics will include how to make use of different tools, such as Weight&Biases, to help with model development and training.

View previous trainings here: 

Sessions will be recorded and available on the CAII website after the training. 

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