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Research Seminar: Graph Engine to Tackle the Toughest Graph Analytics Challenges

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Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation
wifi event
Apr 18, 2022   11:00 am - 12:00 pm  
Janice McMahon, Lucata
Originating Calendar
Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation will be hosting a Research Seminar on Monday, April 18 from 11:00am-12:00pm via Zoom. The speaker for this seminar will be Janice McMahon from Lucata. Janice will be presenting on "Graph Engine to Tackle the Toughest Graph Analytics Challenges." 


This talk will present the Lucata Pathfinder computing architecture and its capability to deliver high performance on the most challenging graph problems in current and future data analytics applications. Firstly, the graph algorithms and applications of interest will be presented, with a focus on the key characteristics that make their implementation problematic for current commercial offerings. Secondly, the Lucata solution will be presented, with a focus on the key hardware and software innovations that make it such a powerful platform to answer the needs of these challenging applications. Finally, current, and future research projects and software collaborations will be presented to showcase the depth and breadth of what can be undertaken with the architecture.

Speaker Bio: 
Janice Onanian McMahon has been a software professional in the high-performance, massively parallel computing market for over 30 years, working on both radar and sonar real-time signal processing systems as well as performing application analysis for a variety of application areas. She has worked for research institutions, defense contractors, and computer vendor startups. Throughout her career, she has worked as an implementor, an application mapping analyst, a project manager, a customer support engineer, and a researcher. She has worked on compilation, algorithm mapping, and performance analysis for the Lucata architecture sinceJanice McMahon 2012.  Janice earned a BS & MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

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