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Women@NCSA: "Taking the Wheel: How to Navigate Difficult Conversations"

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Apr 7, 2021   2:00 pm  
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Difficult conversations can often lead to unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, discomfort, panic, stress, and uncertainty. Whether you are the initiator or the one being approached, these conversations take place in all facets of our lives, especially in the professional sphere. When managed well, difficult conversations can reveal valuable insights about issues that need to be addressed, provide feedback opportunities, promote collaborative interactions and solutions, reduce stress, improve emotional and physical health, and foster strong personal and professional relationships.

Women@NCSA invites you to join us on Wednesday, April 7 from 2-3 p.m. via Zoom for a panel discussion in "Taking the Wheel: How to Navigate Difficult Conversations." In this event, we will talk through various situations to address topics that will enable you to effectively communicate with others and create a lasting, inclusive environment. Discussion topics include how to:

  • Know when a difficult conversation is necessary
  • Bring up challenging subjects
  • Follow up after uncomfortable conversations

Event panelists:

  • Brenda Anne Wilson, PhD
  • Thu Nguyen
  • Emily Scherbring
  • Jewel Goodly, moderator
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