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Blue Waters Webinar: "Introduction to NVIDIA Nsight Compute - A CUDA Kernel Profiler"

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Nov 6, 2019   11:00 am  
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Blue Waters events

Understanding and optimizing the runtime behavior of your code can be a challenging effort but is often rewarded with significant performance gains. NVIDIA Nsight Compute is a CUDA kernel profiler that provides detailed performance data and offers guidance for optimizing your CUDA kernels. You'll learn about how to collect a wide range of performance data for your CUDA kernels, how automatic rules help in detecting common performance pitfalls and offering guidance through the profile reports, how to quickly compare profiling results to evaluate the effects of your code changes, and how to customize the tool to fit best to your optimization workflow.

Target audience: The webinar is intended for anyone actively writing or being interested in writing CUDA kernels.

Prerequisites: This webinar assumes basic knowledge of CUDA and GPUs.

Software availability: NVIDIA Nsight Compute is installed as part of the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, starting with version 10.0. The tool can also be downloaded separately at after registering with the NVIDIA Developer program.

Software requirements: Please see the sections "Platform Support" and "GPU Support" in the product documentation at for the latest information.

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