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CDA Distinguished Speaker Series Presents Dr. Daniel Berckmans , Catholic University of Leuven

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Center for Digital Agriculture
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Apr 6, 2022   1:00 - 2:00 pm  
Dr. Daniel Berckmans , Catholic University of Leuven, University of Tennessee
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Center for Digital Agriculture

The Center for Digital Agriculture is pleased to host a Distinguished Speaker Series during the Spring 2022 semester. Join CDA on April 6, 2022 via Zoom as Dr. Daniel Berckmans, Professor in the Department of Biosystems at the Catholic University of Leuven and is Adjunct Distinguished Professor at the University of Tennessee will be presenting "Precision Livestock Farming: A Game Changer for the Worldwide Livestock Sector?" 

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Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) is a tool for management of livestock by continuous automated real-time monitoring of production/reproduction, health & welfare and environmental impact. A tool means that this technology does not replace experts like farmers, veterinarians, feed experts, etc. but that PLF supports people in their decision taking by objective measurements on the animals. This contribution gives an overview of where we are today and what the proven potential is of this technology. We use results from the work we did since 1991 and the literature on this topic published in peer reviewed publications and in several conference proceedings.

When starting this research on insects and mussels, it soon became clear that animals, like humans, are so called C.I.T.D. systems: Complex, Individually different, Time-varying in their responses and Dynamic. Then we did experiments on bees, fish, mice, rats, chicken, pigs, cow, horses, dogs to from 2001 also work on humans. Results are shown in videos and graphs. The research trajectory has given principles on how to develop the technology and to implement it in products. We will discuss some potential issues and business models. The pickup in the field however goes far too slowly and that is where we must put more efforts.

Speaker Bio:
Daniel Berckmans has a master’s and a PhD in Bioengineering. Headed as Full Professor for 20 years the research Division M3-BIORES (Measure, Model and Manage Bio-responses), Department of Biosystems at the Catholic University of Leuven (⁰1425, 62.000 students) and is Adjunct Distinguished Professor at the University of Tennessee USA. Daniel is also founder, board member and CTO of BioRICS NV that is focusing on continuous monitoring of human and animal mental and physical health. In education Dr.  Berckmans was teaching 8 different courses at bachelors’ and master’s level. His research focus is on real time monitoring of health and wellbeing of individual humans and animals. He co-authored over 340 peer reviewed publications, over 450 papers, participated in 64 PhD commissions in 9 countries and promoted over 250 Master theses. Since 1982, 19 products for the world market were co-developed with industrial partners.Dr.  Berckmans co-inventor of 20 patents and coordinated several EU-projects. Daniel is worldwide considered as the spiritual father of the field of Precision Livestock Farming (PLF): real-time monitoring of animals with technology: microphones, cameras, and sensors. He co-started the European Association for Precision Livestock Farming that organizes since 2003 the 2-yearly European Conference for Precision Livestock Farming ‘ECPLF’. Today the conference is organized in agreement with the “Asian Conference for PLF” (ACPLF) and the “US Conference for PLF” (USCPLF).

Dr.  Berckmans co-initiated the first European Master’s in Human Health Engineering at the KU Leuven: technology for monitoring healthy people. Daniel is co-founder of 3 spin-off companies: BioRICS NV in 2006, BioRICS INC in San Francisco in 2016 and SoundTalks in 2011. He is a member of the recently started Scientific Council of the World Farmers Organization, who represent a billion farmers worldwide. KU Leuven was ranked by Reuters the seventh most innovative university worldwide in 2020 with 130 spin-off companies so far. This ranks KU Leuven as the most innovative university outside of the United States.

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