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SE 290 - John Colgan

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The Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering
1310 DCL
Mar 21, 2024   11:00 am  
Julie Murphy
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John Colgan used his undergraduate degree in General Engineering to build a career that put him at the intersection of technology, law, and business. For nearly two decades, he navigated the complex landscape of high-tech law, first as a patent litigator at Jones Day, a leading international law firm. Then, as in-house counsel for Google, where he spent 12 years managing patent litigation and competition law matters. He was Google's lead counsel in the pivotal multi-year legal dispute against Microsoft over Android technology, a saga that delved not only into the intricacies of mobile operating system technology but also into the thorny world of competition law surrounding standards-essential patents.

With a keen eye for innovation and a thirst for new challenges, John embarked on a bold career shift: transitioning from lawyer to capital allocator. This move landed him at VU Venture Partners, a dynamic venture capital fund fueling early stage startups across diverse sectors. Here, his years of honing multidisciplinary skills and his ability to connect with diverse stakeholders proved invaluable. John possesses a blend of legal prowess and financial acumen, coupled with the engineer's instinct for problem-solving and the communicator's gift for bridging cross-discipline divides.

John's career is one of constant evolution, fueled by an intellectual curiosity and a commitment to challenging himself. His background in engineering and computer science laid the foundation for his ability to navigate the tech arena, while his legal training sharpened his analytical mind and honed his persuasive skills. Today, he brings this unique blend of expertise to the world of Public and Private Market Investing.

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