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Douglas Award Kickoff Symposium

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UIC College of Dentistry
Lecture Hall North
Apr 19, 2024   12:30 - 1:30 pm  
Dr. Jay Olshansky and Dr. Bruce Douglas
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Dr. Scott Tomar
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Oral health is uniquely positioned to help control senescence (the underlying process of aging) because of evidence that poor oral health is a risk factor for some senescent-related diseases. This event will include a presentation on oral health and senescence and will announce the establishment of the Douglas Award in the College of Dentistry.  The goal of the Douglas Award is to increase dental professionals’ awareness that oral health care may be an important front-line intervention in the prevention and control of numerous senescent-related diseases.  The award is open to predoctoral dental students and involves writing and submitting an essay about any aspect of the linkages between oral health or dentistry and senescence. The award honors Bruce Douglas, DDS, MA, MPH,  a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery who joined the faculty of the UIC College of Dentistry in 1962. Dr. Douglas returned to UIC in 2013 as Professor of Health and Aging at the School of Public Health and Oral Medicine at the College of Dentistry, and is the oldest member of the University of Illinois faculty.

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