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Fifth Annual History Soapbox

Event Type
soap box
Department of History
1000 Lincoln Hall
Mar 26, 2019   7:00 - 9:00 pm  
book presenters
Kristin Hoganson

Fifth Annual History Soapbox: 10 Books that Changed the World (in 6 minutes each!)

Hear ye, hear ye!

On Tuesday March 26, 2019 at 7pm (Lincoln Hall 1000), the History Department will hold its fifth annual  “Soapbox” event – wherein select faculty and students will take to the podium and make their case for a book that changed the history of the world.

One book, any book! From any time and place and in any language.  If you are chosen to participate, you will have 6 minutes – 6 minutes! – to make your case. You may use any props at your disposal – costumes, music, images – but the main feature is your rhetorical power. 

Can you persuade us that “your” book has had the most impact? On whom, for whom? When and where? The question of influence and the nature of historical change are as much at stake as any given book itself.  Prizes will be awarded and light refreshments will be on offer.  Are you game?!

The audience will be History faculty and students, as well as anyone from the campus or community who wants to witness our Olympics for the brain.

Meanwhile, if you want to take to the Soapbox, please send a short, 150-word proposal for “your” book to Antoinette Burton ( by February 25th.  I will let you know before spring break if your book is in!


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