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"It Ends With Us" Book Club

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Women's Resources Center
Women's Resources Center - 616 E Green St, Suite #202, Champaign IL 61820
Mar 22, 2023   5:00 - 6:30 pm  

The Romance Round table is a book club dedicated to examining how the romance genre depicts relationships and exploring how these representations impact our own experiences with relationships. What behaviors are romanticized? What behaviors are recognized as unhealthy? The books and media we consume inform how we perceive the world around us—when we think critically about the books we enjoy, it can lead to greater insight into our own relationships. 

For our second book club meeting of the semester, we'll be discussing Colleen Hoover's novel, It Ends With UsBased on Hoover’s parents’ relationship, this book tells the story of a woman named Lily who grew up in an abusive household. As an adult, she begins a new relationship that becomes similarly abusive, leading her to question her perception of both her present and her childhood. While Hoover received critical acclaim when it was first published in 2016, in recent years, It Ends with Us has received an increasing amount of criticism for its depictions of abusive relationships

We’ll be discussing excerpts from Chapters 11, 19–20, 23, and 34– 35. However, we want you to be aware that this book contains several scenes of graphic violence, and we encourage everyone to exercise self-care while reading. The selected chapters that involve violence are Chapters 11, 19, and 23. Please read what you’re comfortable with—you do not have to read the whole book or all of the selected chapters to participate in the conversation!   

We have a limited number of free copies to give away. Be among the first to sign up to get your own copy!

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