Women's History Month

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Women in Union Spaces

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Young Democratic Socialists of America
Women's Resources Center, 616 E. Green St. Suite 202
Mar 21, 2023   6:00 pm  

The topic of this event is surrounding women and non-men in union spaces, and how intersectionality and other factors affect their experiences in them. Our goal with this event is to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how their life in a union might look like, and to empower them through knowledge; so if they do have the opportunity to join a union in their future workspaces, they will have the resources to defend themselves, and know what they might need to expect. We also want to provide a dialogue for cisgender men to acknowledge how the way unions are set up, while they are a positive force, need a lot of work, even though these issues do not directly affect them. We would love to create an open dialogue about how to make workspaces/unions more safe and accessible for women and non-men.

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