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Canary Professorship: Candidate Presentation

Event Type
via Zoom
May 3, 2022   4:00 - 5:00 pm  
Jacob Bedrossian (Maryland)
Jared Bronski

Title: Chaos and turbulence in stochastic fluid mechanics: What is it and how could we study it? 

Abstract: In this survey-style talk I discuss the (old) idea of studying turbulence in stochastically-forced fluid equations. I will discuss  efinitions of chaos, anomalous dissipation, and various other predictions by physicists that can be phrased as mathematically precise conjectures in this context. Then, I will discuss some recent work by my collaborators and I on various aspects, namely (1) a straightforward characterization of anomalous dissipation that implies the classical Kolmogorov 4/5 law for 3d NSE (joint with Michele Coti Zelati, Sam Punshon-Smith, and Franziska Weber); (2) the study of "Lagrangian chaos" and exponential mixing of scalars and how it leads to a proof of anomalous dissipation and of the power spectrum predicted by Batchelor in 1959 for the simpler problem of Batchelor-regime passive scalar turbulence (joint with Alex Blumenthal and Sam Punshon-Smith); (3) the more recent proof of "Eulerian chaos" for Galerkin truncations of the Navier-Stokes equations (joint with Alex Blumenthal and Sam Punshon-Smith). 

For other details, please see email sent on behalf of Jared Bronski dated April 27 (sent by P. Currid)

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