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Dimension distortion and applications

Event Type
Feb 25, 2022   1:00 pm  
Efstathios Konstantinos Chrontsios Garitsis
Ryan McConnell

Abstract: Since Hausdorff dimension was first introduced in 1918, many different notions of dimension have been defined and used throughout many areas of Mathematics. An interesting topic has always been the distortion of said dimensions of a given set under a specific class of mappings. More specifically, Gehring and V\"ais\"al\"a proved in 1973 a theorem concerning the distortion of Hausdorff dimension under quasiconformal maps, while Kaufman in 2000 proved the analogous result for  Box-counting dimension. In this talk, an introduction to the different types of dimensions will be presented, along with the results of of Gehring, V\"ais\"al\"a and Kaufman. We will then proceed to discuss analogous theorems we proved for the Assouad dimension and spectrum, which describe how K-quasiconformal maps change these notions of a given subset of $\mathbb{R}^n$. We will conclude the talk by demonstrating how said theorems can be applied to fully classify polynomial spirals up to quasiconformal equivalence.

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