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The Department of Mathematics is a bustling place full of new ideas. We host several events that occur throughout the year, including seminars, colloquium, conferences, and social events. Our seminars and colloquium are open to the public: all students, faculty, or alumni who are interested are welcome to join us for exciting talks on the leading edge of mathematics research!

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GGD/GEAR/Quantum Topology Seminar: The k-local Cohomology Problem and the Complexity of Supersymmetric Systems

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Jan 27, 2022   12:00 - 1:00 pm   Central
Marcos Crichigno
Eric Samperton

I will discuss various aspects on the interplay of supersymmetry, quantum computation, and computational topology. After introducing some basic elements of supersymmetric quantum mechanics and elements of quantum complexity theory, I will show that the determining the computational complexity of various problems in computational topology/cohomology amounts to determining the Hamiltonian complexity of supersymmetric systems. In particular, studying the k-local Hamiltonian problem for supersymmetric systems will lead us to define the problem “k-local cohomology” and I will show that its complexity lies somewhere between QMA_1 and QMA. This reveals that many problems in computational topology/cohomology are intrinsically quantum mechanical. No prior knowledge of supersymmetry or cohomology will be assumed.

Meeting ID: 881 6087 3184

Password: PSL27

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