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The Department of Mathematics is a bustling place full of new ideas. We host several events that occur throughout the year, including seminars, colloquium, conferences, and social events. Our seminars and colloquium are open to the public: all students, faculty, or alumni who are interested are welcome to join us for exciting talks on the leading edge of mathematics research!

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Special Colloquium/Candidate Presentation: A proof of the Erdős–Faber–Lovász conjecture and related problems

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Jan 25, 2022   11:00 am  
Abhishek Methuku
Alexandr Kostochka

Abstract: The famous Erdős—Faber—Lovász conjecture states that the chromatic index of any linear hypergraph on n vertices is at most n. This long-standing conjecture was posed 50 years ago and Erdős considered it to be one of his favorite open problems. In this talk, I will briefly sketch a proof of this conjecture for every large n. If time permits, I will also talk about our solution to another problem of Erdős from 1977 about the chromatic index of hypergraphs with bounded codegree.  Joint work with D. Kang, T. Kelly, D. Kühn and D. Osthus.

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