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Undergraduate Friday Seminar: Distribution of Square Prime Numbers

Event Type
245 AH
Oct 8, 2021   4:00 pm  
Raghavendra Bhat (UIUC/Math & Computer Science)
Derek Thomas

This week, on Friday Oct. 8th at 4pm in room 245 of Altgeld Hall, we'll be joined by Raghavendra Bhat! Raghav is an undergraduate here in the Math department, with a minor in Computer Science. His research is primarily in Analytic and Computational Number Theory, and his recent paper on square prime numbers has been accepted for publication in the Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences! On Friday, he'll be here to talk about that work:

Distribution of Square Prime Numbers

A number that is the product of a prime and square (square not 1) is defined as a square prime number. We study the asymptotic distribution, cardinality, and some other properties of these numbers, based on a recently published paper of mine.

Of course, there will be free pizza courtesy of the IGL!

Hope to see you there!

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