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Faculty Short Talks: Klara Nahrstedt, "360-Degree Tile-Based Video Streaming Systems" & Ling Ren, "Privacy-preserving primitives from fully homomorphic encryption"

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Illinois Computer Science
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Feb 14, 2022   12:30 pm  
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Klara Nahrstedt

With the emergence of new 360-degree cameras and VR/AR display devices, more diverse multimedia content has become available and with it the demand for tile-based streaming of 360-degree video.  In this talk, I will briefly discuss the challenges of 360-degree tile-based video streaming due to its large bandwidth and low latency demands and few solutions based on navigation graphs.  We will also discuss next challenges for future viewing patters and streaming paradigms as the integration of 360-degree videos, 2D/3D videos and volumetric media in distributed AR/VR applications is coming.

Ling Ren

Abstract: I will talk about recent and ongoing works in my group on building practical privacy-preserving cryptographic primitives from fully homomorphic encryption. I will talk about our recent work on single-server Private Information Retrieval (PIR) protocol with small response overhead, and our ongoing effort to extend it to unbalanced Private Set Intersection (PSI). I will also discuss potential future directions such as opportunities for hardware acceleration and applications in other domains.  

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