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COLLOQUIUM Q & A Session: George Chacko, "Tracing Science With Research Metadata"

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Illinois Computer Science
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Aug 6, 2020   10:00 - 11:00 am  
Allison Mette
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Part of the Illinois Computer Science Speakers Series.

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Please be sure to watch the below pre-recorded talk before the summary and Q&A Session:


Using citation patterns, particularly co-citation and direct citation, we study novelty, disciplinarity, delayed recognition, diffusion from basic to translational research, and the existence of small communities in science. In my talk, I will discuss recent studies from my group that leverage ERNIE, an open source data platform, designed and maintained by us. I will present five studies performed in 2020 by us that relied on ERNIE, and discuss two in detail. One, which demonstrates strong disciplinary effects in citation behavior that challenges a previously published model. The second study is concerned with community finding using citation graphs and uses the convergences of two different clustering techniques to identify high citation signal. A long term goal is prediction of growth and impact in the scientific literature.

Speaker Bio:

George Chacko leads a research group at NET ESolutions (an NTT DATA Company) in the Washington DC area. At NET ESolutions, from 2015-2020, he led development of an internal portfolio analysis and data infrastructure for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and built Netelabs, his research group. He received his PhD, under the direction of Clark Anderson, at The Ohio State University for studies on the activation of immune cells by Fc receptors. After postdoctoral work on lymphocyte activation at Washington University School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, he joined the Center for Scientific Review (CSR)as a Scientific Review Officer, went on to become Chief of its Bioengineering Sciences and Technology Integrated Review Group, and eventually became Director of CSR's Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation where he developed his present interests in research informatics, scientometrics, and evaluation for the purpose of studying impact and to support organizational planning.

Faculty Host: Cheng Zhai

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