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Gautam Das: Data Exploration and Analytics: Fundamental Algorithms and Emerging Applications

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Department of Computer Science
2405 Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science
Nov 29, 2017   10:00 am  
Professor Gautam Das
Lisa Yanello
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Abstract: In recent years, there have been many important advances in data exploration and data analytics techniques, both in fundamental algorithms well as novel application domains. Our own research has focused on fundamental algorithms for data exploration such as query results ranking and top-k retrieval, as well as algorithms for data analytics such as sampling-based aggregate estimation. We have also made significant efforts to apply our algorithmic techniques to a variety of emerging application domains such as social media and the deep web, where the problems are challenging because of limiting data access interfaces. Our talk will focus on describing the interesting technical challenges and algorithmic innovations necessary to address these emerging problems, as well as the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Bio: Gautam Das is Professor and Head of the Database Exploration Laboratory (DBXLAB) at the CSE department of UT-Arlington. Prior to joining UTA in Fall 2004, Dr. Das held positions at Microsoft Research, Compaq Corporation, and the University of Memphis. He graduated with a B.Tech in computer science from IIT Kanpur, India, and with a Ph.D in computer science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Dr. Das has broad research interests in all aspects of Big Data Exploration, including databases, data analytics and mining, information retrieval, and algorithms. His current research is focused on data management and algorithmic problems in the deep web, social networks and collaborative media, as well as ranking, search, and analytics problems in databases. His research has resulted in about 200 papers, many of which have appeared in premier data mining, database and algorithms conferences and journals. His work has received several awards, including the IEEE ICDE 10-Year Influential Paper award received in 2012, ACM SIGKDD Doctoral Dissertation Award (honorable mention) in 2014 for his recent student, Best Student Paper Award of CIKM 2013, VLDB Journal special issues on Best Papers of VLDB 2012 and VLDB 2007, Best Paper of ECML/PKDD 2006, and Best Paper (runner up) of ACM SIGKDD 1998. He has been a keynote speaker on several occasions such as at IEEE ICCA 2017, ExploreDB 2015, IEEE APWC 2014, WebDB 2012, DBRank 2012, and presented invited lectures, tutorials and courses at various universities, research labs, and conferences.


He has been on the Editorial Board of the journals ACM TODS and IEEE TKDE. He has served as General Chair of ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2018, ICIT 2009, Program Chair of COMAD 2008, CIT 2004 and SIGMOD-DMKD 2004, Best Paper Awards Chair of ACM SIGKDD 2006, as well as in program committees of numerous conferences. He has served as a Guest Editor for the ACM TKDD special issue devoted to the best papers of ACM SIGKDD 2006.

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