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'Tour of Ecovillages around the world' a presentation by Alex Cicelsky

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Living World Bible Study
LRH Greatroom
Dec 3, 2012   5:00 pm  
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Alex is a founding member of Kibbutz Lotan, a community whose mission is to live Jewishly, equitably and in an environmentally sustainable way. Besides the environmental research work they do (and put into practice) on the kibbutz, their Center for Creative Ecology (CfCE) runs a myriad of educational programs for post high school, college and post graduate students.  They also run programs for visiting congregations, for American, Israeli and international youth groups and international (including Palestinian) visitors of all ages who come to experience the community and/or to learn firsthand about the kibbutz's sustainable building techniques (including mud and straw bale), recycling, organic farming, water recycling and waste management, permaculture and philosophy of eco-village living.

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