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Molecular Science and Engineering Seminar: Yves Geerts

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Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
Beckman Institute Room 3269 (3rd Floor Tower Room)
Aug 9, 2023   2:00 pm  
Yves Geerts, Head of Laboratory, Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Polymer Chemistry, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels), Brussels, Belgium.
Laura Thurlwell

Title: Crystal Engineering, Dynamics, and Chirality of Organic Semiconductors

A large diversity of π-systems exists, nearly all transport electrical charges but only a few molecular structures qualify as best-performing organic semiconductors with μ ≥ 10 cm2/V.s. But charge carrier mobility is more a material than a molecular property. One has, thus, to consider supramolecular order at all length-scales. The best organic semiconductors self-organize into large plate-like single crystals as evidenced in recent papers. Due to their electronic properties but also to their favorable crystalline morphology, thienoacenes derivatives exhibit record charge carrier mobility above 10 cm2/V.s. Dr. Geerts will report his latest results on the molecular and supramolecular engineering of novel semiconductors including design by theory, synthesis, crystal engineering, calculation and observation of crystal morphology, and processing into single crystal thin films for transistor fabrication. Particular attention will be devoted to the preservation of coherent charge transport via the design of organic semiconductors that are disorder resilient. Finally, Dr. Geerts will present chiral organic semiconductors that exhibit a large magnetoresistance.

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