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19th annual International Conference of Capoeira Angola

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he Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande - Illinois
Apr 18, 2024 - Apr 21, 2024   All Day
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The Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande - Illinois announces its 19th annual International Conference of Capoeira Angola hosted on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Illinois State University campuses from April 18-21st. We are humbled to welcome as our honored guest the great Mestre João Grande, a world-renowned teacher of the traditional art of Capoeira Angola with over 70 years of teaching Capoeira Angola around the world. The event is open to all experience levels and free for U of I and ISU Students. 

This year's conference's theme is "Meu Mestre, Meu Tesouro", a celebration of the cultural treasure that is Capoeira Angola and the historical significance of Mestre João Grande's generation for practitioners of Capoeira today.  We are excited to also welcome a special guest Professor Cascão (Juan Pablo Espinosa) of the Capoeira Angola Center Study Group - Mexico City, Mexico who will be leading hands-on dance and music workshops inspired by his work with and research into the Candomblé tradition. 

We will have workshops on the fundamentals of Capoeira Angola, Afro-Brazilian dance, and percussion. Participants will also engage with emerging research and dialogues around the role that Capoeira Angola has played and will continue to play in the consciousness of Afro-Brazilian culture worldwide. You're invited to be a part of this historical encounter and the many opportunities it will provide to learn in conversation and classes with one of the greatest disciples of Mestre Pastinha, Mestre João Grande.

To learn more and get information on the event's schedule, please contact the event organizer, Mestre Deni Chiaramonte, Director of the Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande-Illinois and Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Dance at the University of Illinois:

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