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Problems of Tangible and Intangible Heritage Preservation in Kenya: Maasai Warrior Traditional Cave Use Contested by a Christian Congregation

Event Type
Center for African Studies (CAS)
Davenport Hall, Room 109A
Dec 1, 2022   3:00 pm  
Professor Stanley Ambrose, Department of Anthropology
Emmanuel KUMA
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African studies - Outreach Calendar

With panelists like Professors Greenberg and Helaine Silverman, Dr. Ambrose discusses the broader issues and questions raised by the escalating contestation of Maasai traditional culture and the Christian group’s determination to replace and erase an important Maasai tradition. The panel discussion that follows will contemplate the dispute as one of the abrogated cultural rights and, potentially, human rights. If that framework is definitionally correct, what actions might result and what stakeholders and other agents/agencies could be involved? Other questions that the panel and seminar participants would consider are related to issues of colonialism. 

This event will take place in person in Davenport Hall, Room 109A

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