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Community Family Event - East Asian Story Time

Event Type
Community Service
CEAPS; Urbana Free Library
Urbana Free Library (210 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801)
wifi event
Jul 23, 2022   2:00 - 2:30 pm  
Kyoko Sawada
Yuchuan Shen
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Bring your children to East Asian Story Time, and enjoy a Kamishibai.  A popular form of street theater in the 1930s and post-war Japan, Kamishibai (紙芝居) or “paper play” is a set of illustrated boards or cards that tell a story.

July story: The Three Magic Charms

Synopsis: A young apprentice from a hilltop temple uses three paper charms to outwit a wicked Yamanba or mountain lady. Curiosity, adventure and helping others are the underlying themes.

Activity: Ask the children about times they’ve helped others OR have children draw their own Mountain Lady.

Co-sponsored by The Urbana Free Library and the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois. You can attend in-person or by watching a live stream of the program on Zoom.  Register in advance to receive a link to watch the program online.

CEAPS and the Urbana Free Library worked together for a series of new monthly "East Asian Story Time" to provide family-friendly events for our local community to listen to the bilingual storytelling of a book in English and an East Asian language, including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, etc., and raise awareness and identity for local Asian and Asian American families and communities.

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