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The Migration System as Modern Feudalism

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Center for Global Studies and Women & Gender in Global Perspectives
wifi event
Nov 9, 2021   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Janice Jayes
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On November 9 at 12pm on Zoom, Dr. Janice Jayes will give a talk that examines the twentieth-century regulatory framework tying humans to states, its historical formation, and how it has resulted in the callous politics of human sorting that we call the migration system. She suggests that we recognize the current system as more akin to a form of global feudalism, completely out of step with the current processes of human movement, which constitutes the second most significant transformation of our world after climate change, and results in the current era of migrant caravans, midnight deportations, and citizen-led border militias.  In this talk, she challenges us to imagine our way to a better system.

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