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Quantum Science and Technology at Grainger Engineering

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The Grainger College of Engineering
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Apr 14, 2023   10:00 am  
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At Grainger Engineering, we build tomorrow. 

The University of Illinois is at the forefront of a world-wide race to develop next-generation technologies based on quantum science. The potential impacts on society are wide ranging, from detecting single-molecule biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders to more secure methods for sharing information. In this World Quantum Day webinar, activity in this exciting area being accomplished at Grainger Engineering will be highlighted. 

Join Dean Rashid Bashir as he moderates this informative webinar led by four researchers, Dr. Brian DeMarco, Dr. Virginia Lorenz, Dr. Wolfgang Pfaff, and Dr. Santiago Nunez-Corrales, as they talk about how they are developing a new modular approach to quantum computing, building the first public quantum network, and investigating integrating quantum devices as accelerators for high-performance computing.  

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