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Condensed Matter Journal Club: Quantum Circuit Techniques for Majorana Qubits

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Condensed Matter Journal Club
Mar 23, 2022   2:00 pm  
Drew Wild
Caitlin Kengle
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Physics - Condensed Matter Journal Club

The observation of Majorana zero modes and their non-abelian statistics is critical to the development of topological quantum computers. Planar Josephson junctions made of S-wave superconductors on a topological insulating substrate are theorized to host Majorana zero modes, but evidence is thus far inconclusive. Using techniques from superconducting qubits, I will perform spectroscopy on quantum circuits made with these topological Josephson junctions in an attempt to readout the state of qubits formed from Majorana zero modes and observe their behavior under braiding operations.  


Note: this event will be hybrid. The live talk occuring in Loomis 276 will be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to the Graduate Student and PDRA mailing lists. If you are not on one of those lists and are interested in attending, please email Caitlin at for the link.

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